Rookwood Pottery


The legendary Rookwood Pottery made noteworthy art pottery and tilework in Cincinnati from the late nineteenth century until it fell on hard times in the mid-twentieth century.  As a young design student in the early 1980’s, the mystique of old Rookwood captivated me.  So it came as an unexpected thrill 25 years later when I had the opportunity to begin a collaboration with Rookwood’s creative team during the company’s renaissance.  The talented team of artists, potters, sculptors, and glazers is bringing the re-emerging company into the twenty-first century with great appreciation for its century-old heritage.  For the work I’ve contributed – architectural concepts, interiors & furniture, designs for tiles and sculptural objects – I’ve tried to maintain respect for the company’s past while instilling a new and contemporary relevance.  It’s my hope to challenge preconceived ideas about what the company is today and what it can become in the future.